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    Re: 3/29: Nothing But Blue Skies, Part II

    kayloss wrote: Oh boy, one I can answer! If you look at the concept art there, you can see load/unload for space (even if it's a little weird in the concept sketch). But basically, you'd enter the mountain, and look up and see the 'cone' of the roof that you see from a distance outside. When space leaves from this open area, it would go into a 'hidden' part of the mountain, in back, on top, underneath, and to the sides of the 'fake' mountain, and this part would be dark. Picture if the Haunted Mansion elevators had another 5-6 stories ABOVE where the hangman would be located, and you get a good idea of where they would shove space in relationship to the dome. It's a cool idea. Always fun when they use space (no pun intended) in weird ways.
    Thanks for the info!

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    Re: 3/29: Nothing But Blue Skies, Part II

    Quote Originally Posted by pussnboots View Post
    Well, whether or not you're still in denial about global warming, winters in Europe have indeed been milder and dryer this past decade or so than in the preceding decades. It sounds a little melodramatic, but that part is certainly true.

    Global warming is expected to make Europe COLDER. and wasn't 2005 Frances coldest year on record?

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