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    'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' - a MiceChat review

    Suspension of disbelief. Go with it. Believe it and you'll have a wonderful time at the movies.
    Go in still mumbling about last year's model and you'll regret it.

    As always, no pointless detailed synopsis of the plot from me. Why anyone thinks this is ever a good idea I can't explain. So just this - yes a maelstrom is fierce and fearful, but no match for the female empowered.

    So only a bit of correspondence to get out of the way:

    To Gore Verbinski for pulling it off and dropping many jaws. Yours is a unique vision, balancing the massive scale of this film with so many small flourishes, some even the tiniest of touches. Hope you're off on a grand holiday now but don't stay away to long.

    To Mr. Elliott and Mr. Rossio - It plays like you imagined it. And thanks for bringing back what I suspect are your alter-egos from TCOTBP.

    The Cast - Your hardwork and sheer wealth of talent is an embarrassment of riches onscreen. Ms. Knightley's eyebrows alone are worthy of high praise. Everyone steps up in a big way. Geoffrey Rush is a wonder, Bill Nighy a force of controlled nature and Tom Hollander deserves huge kudos for not coming off like a caricature.

    And of course our dear Captain. Johnny Depp has spent his career fighting off the "dream boat" tag, and now surrenders to it. He has now artfully redefined the term and he, and we all the better for it.

    And ILM - start writing those acceptance speeches now.

    I hope you enjoy the film. I hope you allow yourself to enjoy the film.
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    Re: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' - a MC review

    ha ha, fight he may, buthe will Loose, he should have learned that many many years it good genes, lol poor johnny

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