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    Quote Originally Posted by Alice's Wonderland
    I'm excited to hear that Pirates at Disneyland will get a big refurb and not just WDW's pirates
    It would seem that we will get the changes before WDW...

    As a former manager of a non-Disney food company, I can see from both sides of the issue. Frankly, it would seem that the CMs that quit/fired were spoiled. While I am out of the food industry, I can assure you that their behavior would never be tolorated in the real world.
    This is a good thing, at least in the long-term, its the short-term that is bad.

    Thanks for the great update, Al. Even if it was short.
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    Any details on the Pirates rehab? I've heard there might be a few AA's based on the movie(s). Anything else?

    What about the new ToT drop sequence? How will that work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinYee
    They can't now. By using an idea that was first published on the Internet, they run the risk of a lawsuit by MousingAround. That risk will convince them not to do it in the first place, which is why they have a firm policy of not accepting ideas from outside.
    I can uderstand thier fear...It's a shame that WE have done this to OUR culture.

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    Angry Arrrgggggghhhhh!

    All I have to say is..IF THEY ****-up My Pirates...Heads will roll !.....
    (in other was a pretty good movie, but what the heck is the point or Reason of putting a Johnny Depp Aud./Ani. into the ride? So pre-teen girls can go ga-ga over "lil Johnny...") ANYWHO... Yes, make better cannon-water explosions, better A/A's, and all that, but don't destroy an excellent, highly detailed masterpiece, just to get a few quick thrills out of a current-day popular movie...
    Ok, that's my 2...errr....30 cents

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