In the Middle of the Dog Days of Summer Things Heat Up with The Next Big Thing in Theatre: Disney's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is a Slam-Dunk and the 'Sleeper-Hit' Nobody Saw Coming

NEW YORK, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- While most people were enjoying their weekend, a phenomenon was unfolding on stage at Chicago's LaSalle Bank Theater (formerly the Shubert Theater) in the guise of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, the Disney steamroller that is sure to change the course of things to come.

The editors at, who proudly have their radar spinning 24/7, zeroed in on Chicago and went to work to track down the players and put together a comprehensive piece on the "little show that could" and is about to take over the world.

Meet the people who are guiding this juggernaut -- Jeff Calhoun, the director, Freddie Gershon, Chairman of Musical Theatre International, Steve Fickinger, Vice President of Licensing for Disney Theatrical Productions, and other assorted players and contributors.

We also think that you'll be surprised that greed is not a driving force in the unique calculation of the future for this show. At, you will also be able to see footage of the first mounted national tour and "clicks" that will send you to all things HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Click Here:

All of this happens as the airdate approaches for Disney's HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, launching on the Disney Channel August 17th and moving this already skyrocketing enterprise further into the stratosphere. is the premiere theatre site on the net, visit for more information.