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    New beginning dawns for movie end credits

    New beginning dawns for movie end credits

    By Borys Kit
    The Hollywood Reporter
    Aug 23, 2007

    The scene fades to black, the movie is over and the credits begin to roll. But wait! Don't leave just yet. You might miss some of the great custom-made artwork being cooked up by today's filmmakers.

    As several recent movies demonstrate, filmmakers are getting creative with their end credits. They're starting to add a flourish that's akin to an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, giving viewers a reason to stay a bit longer in their seats for a memorable treat.

    Zack Snyder's adaptation of cartoonist Frank Miller's "300" used Miller-style drawings, spinning and upending each one into a different credit. Pixar's Brad Bird-directed animated feature "Ratatouille" got all arty with 2-D drawings,
    The end credits for "Ratatouille" came about during the design stage of the movie, when the filmmakers discoveredcame upon drawings done by fresh-from Cal Arts grad Nate Wragg. Wragg then was paired with Teddy Newton, who designed the credits for Bird's "The Incredibles."

    One reason Pixar went with the 2-D credits was practicality. Bird came into the project so late in the process that all computer resources were diverted to making the main movie.

    "We certainly didn't have any more bandwidth to do 3-D," producer Brad Lewis says. "We were maxed out. So that was probably a factor."

    But the filmmakers loved the style. "We have a bunch of 2-D-trained animators at Pixar and they were all 'I'm in!' Lewis says. "One animator came up to me and said, 'Paper cuts. I've got paper cuts again!' They were thrilled."
    Full article available at:

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    Re: New beginning dawns for movie end credits

    I love movies with great end credits. Incredibles is probably my favorite one so far and the music certainly helps there too.

    I remember seeing Van Helsing and the end credits was refreshing not just because it was fun and creative, it also marked the end of a really bad movie.

    Todday I saw Hairspray which was visually cool with the retro 60s design.

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    Re: New beginning dawns for movie end credits

    i loved the end credits of the Simpsons Movie.

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    Re: New beginning dawns for movie end credits

    i dont watch credits anymore...thats what happens when everyone is so busy
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    Re: New beginning dawns for movie end credits

    Apparently something really funny was happening in the "Superbad" credits but I only stayed for the first part of the credits. There were a lot of drawings.

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