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    UK Boy Exposes Fake Black Pearl

    The HMS Bounty, a three-masted sailing ship touted as "The Black Pearl" in an English press release, gets busted by a 12 year old English boy who knows his Pirates of the Caribbean. The ship has been touring England as part of an exhibit sponsored by European Maritime Events.

    Having seen the pirate films dozens of times, he immediately realised the deck and cabins were not the same as those on the movie ship.

    He challenged the ship's 'crew' - who admitted it had never been used as The Black Pearl, which was actually a floating set made of plywood mounted on a barge.

    Organisers of the UK tour have now admitted that it only made a brief appearance in the second and third films of the series - in the background as The Edinburgh Trader.
    Source: The Daily Mail

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    Re: UK Boy Exposes Fake Black Pearl

    hahahahha European Maritime Events owned by a 12 year old.

    I bet somebody feels really silly.

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    Re: UK Boy Exposes Fake Black Pearl

    hahah busted..
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    Re: UK Boy Exposes Fake Black Pearl

    Oh bloody hell!

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    Re: UK Boy Exposes Fake Black Pearl

    Way to go kid!

    Will trade husband for Disneyland and DCA Pins!

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    Re: UK Boy Exposes Fake Black Pearl

    HAHA! they seriously got OWNED! by a little English boy.

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