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Oh? Did you just turn 21?
18 actually. Now I am an adult and can drink.

Now... in regards to Kevin's report, which I just finished reading... he is having the same exact reaction any first timer Disney fan from the USA may have. Funny thing is.. most everything he has mentioned in his report have been the same exact things I have been praising/commenting about TDR in general for the past 8 yrs since I went online in the Disney fan community...and same comments that always get me attacked from those who feel WDW can do no wrong. He even commented on the upkeep of Tomorrowland'e entrance from the hub, which I commented on several months ago as well. Lastly, I do have to add to his comments (yet again repeating myself from the many times I have posted on this) that you will not find the same "intimacy" you get at DL at any of the other DL parks. So that lack of intimacy does not apply only to TDL. Similarly, I have always commented that I appreciate World Bazaar for what it is, and for daring to be different, offering a totally unique atmosphere from any of the other parks. I do not prefer WB over the average Main Street set ups.. mind you, but appreciate it for being different. The enclosed enviroments (and lack of train station at the front of the park) do not bother me as much as it does most of the purists fans out there. Besides that, I have nothing to disagree with Kevin's assessment.