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    11/19: Christmas in Paris

    Alain Littaye has a Disneyland Paris holiday decor photo tour today, discuss it here!
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    Re: 11/19: Christmas in Paris

    Great report! Thanks so much.

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    Re: 11/19: Christmas in Paris

    WOW!! Now THAT'S what I call Christmas!! Beautiful decorations, parade float and even a Christmas village? Unbelievable. I can imagine that Walt Disney would be very proud. I can't get over some of those beautiful decorations.

    So that's where the drunk reindeer went. I want them back at Disneyland!!

    Thanks for the excellent article Alain. Great job!

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    Re: 11/19: Christmas in Paris

    Thank you Alaine for once again providing us a great look at Paris Disneyland. I just wish I could afford to see it in person. I think the Castle looks great with the "Ice Lights" and it seems that snow is now falling all over the Disney Theme Parks. That is great. Thanks again for the neat report and pictures.
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    Re: 11/19: Christmas in Paris

    Hmm, I way need to find a way to nip over.
    Let's put the Walt back in Disney!

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