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    Princessland - MiceAge Discussion Thread

    Sue Kruse reviews the "Enchanted" movie experience at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood and finds it enchanting.

    This time the fine El Capitan folks have set up a 24,000 square foot attraction in back of the theatre and filled it with Enchanted goodies for you to enjoy after the film. So you see the movie and then you head out back for more fun.

    Read the entire story here:

    -Dustysage for Al Lutz

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    Re: Princessland - MiceAge Discussion Thread

    Hey Sue. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for the info. I live in Northern CA. so I'm gonna have to miss the El Capitan...again. What really amazes me though is digital projection. My first job out of high school was as a theatre projectionist. Yes, I mean real reels of 16mm film or larger if we had something special. Now you just pop in the computer chip and set the timer! Amazing!

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    Re: Princessland - MiceAge Discussion Thread

    $30 for the VIP treatment ~ sounds like they Bounced up the
    price considerably to be able to provide the "Enchanted Experience"
    after the movie. Although it does more appealing than what I
    thought it would be.

    The last time I experienced one of their BIG tent events, was for
    the Haunted Mansion Movie, it was fun to see so many of the
    sets up close (even though the HM movie was horrible)

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