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I hate to play the Walt card, but I'm reminded of his reasoning for building "The World" on such a huge expanse of land. That being his disappointment in the surrounding tackiness at Disneyland. Honky Tonk. Cheap motels and restaurants sprung up all along Harbor Blvd, I recall hearing. I felt that walking through PI, it was everything that Walt was trying to avoid and here it was on the property and under their own name.
Clearly you never set foot in the Adventurers Club. It is to the art of imagineering what what The Godfather is to movies or Sgt Peppers is to music. Everything Disney compressed into one attraction, that just happens to be geared to big kids. Honestly, if you have a chance before September 27, stop in, I think you will be impressed.

BTW, the replacement for PI--franchised 3d party shops and restaurants--is going to look a lot like 192 or I-Drive, which I understand are the Orlando versions of Harbor Blvd. So I wouldn't expect an improvement.