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Thread: Frequent flyers

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    Frequent flyers

    Are any of you frequent flyers? If so are there particular airlines you fly all the time?

    I dunno if I'd consider myself a frequent flyer per se, I mean I dont fly for work , its all leisure (unlike my friend who has already flown about 130,000 miles this year alone) but I think Ive done well so far, almost 19k in 2005. I'm a Premier member on United so, United is my #1 choice. Trying to reach 25k miles by Dec. 31 in order to maintain status for 2006.

    I have around 148,000 miles on United so far total and I'll use 90k to fly (fingers crossed) Business Premier on my Down Under trip on Air New Zealand in March. By then I'll have more miles and can use them if I wanna on business class to Europe.

    Also have around 23,000 on America West (which will soon become USAirways which will remain in the Star Alliance which makes me happy all around!).

    Did my first mileage run this year too. Flew to Chicago and back all in one day for like $130 round trip, all for the elite miles. Call me crazy but I am NOT the only one that does these sorts of things either.

    Anyhoo, any other FF Micechatters??? Anyone wanna go on a mileage run with me??

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    Re: Frequent flyers

    I used to be a frequent flyer, but not so much anymore. Funny how that happens when you stop working for the airlines

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    Re: Frequent flyers

    Although Victoria and I aren't really "frequent fliers," we've spent our share of time in the air. Our former choice was United or American, but they've made it so darn difficult to actually use their "miles" that we are now leaning toward Delta. Not only do we acquire miles in the air, but also by using a Delta credit card. They seem a little more flexible in letting you cash in your miles. Also, we flew Song from LAX to JFK and it was one of the best flights we've ever had outside of First Class. Tons of leg room, very friendly and courteous attendants and the personal movie/tv/game/music screens are great. You can actually engage in a group trivia game with the other passengers!
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    Re: Frequent flyers

    It has been 10 years since I had flown before this year... and I've already gone on two trips by plane... and have two more scheduled!

    (3 to Orlando, one to LA)

    I've been flying with Southwest because they're really easy to fly out of St. Louis (they have their own terminal) and I get some really really good deals to Orlando.

    I'm not a flight snob at all!

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    Re: Frequent flyers

    I fly quite a lot on Southwest ... I used to only fly American but they have just made everything so difficult and freaking expensive. What can I say ... I'm cheap
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