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    Things I Hate About Back to School

    Okay, I didn't know whether to put this in things I hate or back to school, and since I've been out of commission for some time, I thought I deserved my own thread. Okay, I have recently moved back into the dorms at my school. So when I get there, there are signs up everywhere that the internet is down and they're working on it. It has not worked since I got here a week and a half ago despite the fact that classes have started. What is their solution and excuse? Use the computer lab in the library! What is the problem? It's only open 8-5 and I work and have class from 8-5! Whatever, this always happens (although they should know that this always happens and prepare for by now).

    So I've been in So Cal for a week now and have I been able to get to Disneyland? Of course not because I have to read 42 chapters of Roughing It, dry historical statistics about peasants in France before the French Revolution, a chapter about the French Revolution, An Autobiography of a slave, an entire book about Puritans (which I don't have a time-frame on because the prof didn't know he was teaching the class and therefore we have no syllabus), and all of Huck Finn.

    You guys may never see me again.
    my profs ---> <--- me
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    Re: Things I Hate About Back to School

    Quote Originally Posted by Small Panda After All

    You guys may never see me again.
    my profs ---> <--- me
    Dont let da man , break you
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