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    A scary story for fun....

    I had a friend in high school whos dad work maint. on the Haunted mansion. She told me a story that I can't verify the truthfulness of it but none the less its kind of neat. This is what she told me:

    There was once a boy that had a terminal illness and his favorite place in the world to go was Disneyland. His favorite ride was the Haunted mansion. Anyway as part of his hospitles intensive care program they had a make a wish foundation type of set up where one child (selected at random) would have a wish granted before they past on. This young boy was selected and after discussing it with his parents his wish was to be buried in the grave yard scene of the Haunted mansion. He emphasized that no one would know he was buried in an above ground coffin but his family, that would sign a document saying they wouldn't leak out their secret that their child was laying there.
    Obviously Disney said, "absolutley not!" They would not allow it. So the boys parents had other plans. A few months later after the boy had past on the family instead of having him buried had him cremated. The parents brought the remains of their son in to the park, probably in the prastic bag or something but while on the ride as they enter the grave yard scene they fung the ashes through the air spreading them all over the scene. Since the ride takes little clean up so that it maintains the spooky feel The legend has it that the boy walks the ride at night causing certain parts to start up and operate with out power.

    I doubt that it happened but I will continue telling the story to my friends and family before bording the ride every time I go to the most wonderful, happiest place on earth. Tell me what you think?

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    Re: A scary story for fun....

    I have heard of the story. You can find it on the website.

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    Re: A scary story for fun....

    Something like that happened a couple of years ago, but it was much less dramatic.
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