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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyJn511
    Im gonna have to say... my girlfriend. And Im NOT saying that because its the safe answer! I just love her too much to leave her behind. :o
    Same here, Indy.

    ...well I'd take MY girlfriend, not yours
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    I'd want to be trapped with someone who could make a speedboat, fuel, and radio out of coconut shells and sand.
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    wow this is a hard one.......i first thought of Walt Disney cuz he has this great imagination and i would love to come up with a new Disney theme park with him and ask him a whole lot of questions.......then i thought of my best guy friend, that would be a lot of fun, but im not sure he is Survivor now its down to my celebrity and im going with Orlando Bloom...can you say hottie with a body??.....can you also say single??....hehe.....he tried to make a good pirate......hehe......
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    Either my husband or George Clooney.

    Not just because George is cute, he is also one funny guy.
    You say Im a bitch like its a bad thing.

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