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    Interfaith Mickey

    While browsing my latest "All things Jewish" catalog I came across this, a Mickey /Minnie channukiah. I've never seen Mickey participating in any religious rites, so seeing him and Minnie playing Draydel was a bit of a surprise! Anybody know of any other religious related Mickey things? I'm not putting down anyone's faith, but it seems a little strange to have such a non-religious icon in a faith based setting!

    (If you're wondering, no, I'm not Jewish, a lapsed Lutheran here. I enjoy learning about other peoples religions and cultures. L'Chaim, y'all!)
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    Re: Interfaith Mickey

    Disney's Days of Christmas in DTD has had Mickey Menorahs on my last few trips along with some other Chanukah items. I don't recall any other faith's decorations.
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    Re: Interfaith Mickey

    It seems a little out of place but I'm not Jewish. I would have hard time buying nativity scene with Mickey as Joseph and the rest of the Fab 5 as Wise Men. Just seems a little out of place.

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