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    Excuse me a moment while I rant

    After 9/11 I listed items on ebay for donation to the Red Cross, it worked out wonderful. Through those sales, a donation of over $700 made it to the Red Cross.

    I have been struggling with ebay and mission fish for hours in attempt to offer up my Disney postcard collection for a good cause in a similar fashion. Like everything else ebay touches, they have removed the easy and made it nothing more than a headache! Granted what I am offering probably would not amount to $100 in sales, but it was my thought to make it possible/desireable for someone who could only afford a $10 donation, to be able to make one and receive something they will associate with their good deed during this time of need.

    Thanks to ebay, I'm giving up for tonight! This totally sucks!


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    Re: Excuse me a moment while I rant

    I'm so sorry about this - rant away - it sucks when you're trying to do good and you feel like a bug under a shoe! Hang in there - it'll work out!

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    Re: Excuse me a moment while I rant

    Aww, I'm sorry.

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    Re: Excuse me a moment while I rant

    I recently noticed this on ebay. There are a lot of people listing things for Katrina victims and it is great to see. On some listings they just said 100% to go to red cross because they could not get it set up through mission fish. I guess many people are having problems with this. I also noticed that people are bidding like crazy. $35 for socks $190 for an outfit. I hope you can get your items listed. Good Luck!
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