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    Things to do to help Katrina victims.

    I was talking to a couple of my neighbors and we were talking about the Katrina situation. We have all dontated money to the Red Cross. But we all felt like we could do more. So we started brainstorming and I came up with the idea of having a neighborhood garage/yard sale. (All proceeds go to the relief of Katrina)

    I am going to type up a flyer to alert the whole neighborhood of this garage/yard sale that will take place next weekend. I'm thinking of running an ad in the newspaper to alert the surrounding area, too. (So that people driving by won't see "just another yard sale" and just skip by...They would possibly heard about it in the paper)

    I'm taking the flyer door-to-door. To every house in our tract. So I'm hoping the responce will be good.

    So, I'm just curious if anyone else is doing more than donating money for the cause. And if so, or even if you just have an idea, post it here!

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    Re: Things to do to help Katrina victims.

    I've mentioned this before. But if you work in a corporate setting talk to your HR department on whether they would set up a matching contribution program.
    I was successful with this at my husbands work, but not mine, but every little bit helps!

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