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    Negative rep because of this??

    OK, I just got some negative rep because I posted this thread.

    I will not name the poster beacuse it doesn't really matter.

    I really don't get why this poster would do this on something so petty.

    Here is the reason why I got the negative rep from the poster.

    "The News section is for "Disney and Industry News Links", not for Political News...."

    I thought I was out of high school years ago.......

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    Re: Negative rep because of this??

    From the FAQ:
    What about discussing reputation points with other members?

    This is strictly prohibited. Do NOT discuss reputation (including comments and points) anywhere on the boards or in private messages with other users. Also, do not discuss the giving or receiving of Reputation on the boards. If you have any problems with a specific reputation comment, then private message a moderator or administrator (or use the ‘Contact Us’ page).
    -Monorail Man

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