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    Re: Disney, Rush Limbaugh team up to help raise funds for Hurrican Katrina Relief

    Rush had (has) an addiction- and admitted it. As of now he has not been accused of any crime, has not been charged, has not been found guilty of anything-so, your point?

    People make mistakes- and he certainly did- however, that comment and that issue does not take away from the truth and accuracy of the rest of the things he says, nor does it make him a hate monger, or unAmerican.

    I don't want to have this degenerate- but why is it we are told that Clinton's sexual indescretions that he lied about should not affect anything, but Rush is crucified for the drug issue? Rush has not been found guilty, Clinton was found guilty of lying under oath and impeached....

    Really...come on....a bit of perspective here. If you are going to be even handed, you should be as condemning of every personal failing of every public personality.

    (in addition- if he was so hateful, and UnAmerican- why do the tickets sell out so fast. Surely you don't think that someone like that would be so popular?)

    On edit- I would bet this thing is headed for the litter box- for the record, I hope it stays friendly and civil- we have - for the most part- been better about that lately-
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