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    MiceChat Browncoats meet!

    Okay, so here's what I propose: I think all of the Firefly fans here on MiceChat should get together and see Serenity opening weekend. We could meet around 6-ish for dinner at Downtown Disney on Friday, Sept. 30th, see a 7:30-ish showing, and go to Lost Bar for drinks afterward. We could also do this sometime on Saturday or Sunday if that works for more people. Any takers?

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    Re: MiceChat Browncoats meet!

    Can't join you, being 3,000 miles away and all. Have a great time, though. We saw about half the cast of Serenity at Dragon*Con in Atlanta last weekend. They showed a clip, but NO SPOILERS. Nice.

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    Re: MiceChat Browncoats meet!

    a Conversion party huh?
    We'd definitely be in, sadly, stuck in MT, I'll be with ya in spirit....

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