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    Before you buy your Haunted Mansion stuff, here's a coupon

    I have just purchased my Haunted Mansion wall sconse!!!
    (only 998 left!)

    For those of you who may not be registered members of (and you claim to be a Disney fan, shame on you!) here is an email coupon for you.

    (The following instructions came from the email I received)

    Here's how to redeem your coupon:

    1) Place at least $50, $100 or $150 worth of items in your Shopping Cart.
    2) Type the coupon code SAVEMORE into the Special Offers and Discounts text box, then click "Add."
    3) Apply the promotion in the Special Discounts and Offers Box.
    4) Continue Shopping or Begin Checkout.

    The coupon ends on the 11th.

    I just wanted to share with everyone, I hope it helps!
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