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    No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends

    I know for many out there this has been a difficult year, many of us face tough financial times and some may wonder what life is really all about.

    Fortunately Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra answered the question for us.

    I know times can be tough my friends, but remember the true meaning of life and real success. If you are loved and if you love others then you have more wealth than the richest man.
    ďAny sequel three or higher..... around number five they get a new cast, thatís when the magic really happens": Modern Family

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    Re: No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends

    This is the part of the movie that always has me sobbing!
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    Re: No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends

    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessY View Post
    This is the part of the movie that always has be sobbing!
    Same here. I watched it last night on itunes, and at that part I always get very verklempt.

    Thanks for that great sentiment, Tiggerfan. Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Re: No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends

    You are so right

    I love this movie, I cry every time

    Friends for life

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