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    Canada's Black Friday... Boxing Day!

    Boxing Day fell on a Friday this year so it was our own Black Friday. Did any Canuck Micechatters go out shopping today? What did you get?

    I went out and bought nothing!

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    Re: Canada's Black Friday... Boxing Day!

    When I was growing up I thought on Boxing Day people in England went to see boxing matches and it made no sense to me at all. I learned what it really meant when reading a Harlequin Romance novel set in England.

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    Re: Canada's Black Friday... Boxing Day!

    I miss Boxing Day sales (as you know I am canadian) but live in vegas..

    My parents live in manitoba, said they went out (theya re actually visting my brother in toronto right now) they picked up alot of bargains, things for next christmas as well as clothing that was more than 70% off at some places

    I think I need to go back next christmas

    Friends for life

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    Re: Canada's Black Friday... Boxing Day!

    Here in the States is was Black Friday Part 2 since several stores were having massive after Christmas/year-end clearance sales. I braved the mall because I saw a shirt in Macy's ad that I really wanted. Sadly they didn't have it. I might try the Macy's at another mall tomorrow. But the mall today was packed. There was probably 3 times as much traffic on the roads today as there was yesterday. Ugh.

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