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Thread: Trick or Drink

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    Red Face Trick or Drink

    Did any of you have that tradition at your college/university dorms?

    I went to UOP and the first year I lived in the dorm we all went door to door having different drinks. I had never had anything to drink other than a glass of champagne with my parents on special occasions so I had no idea what I was doing!! I think I had Schnapps and Long Islands and beer and wine and who knows what else.

    The next day I was sick as a dog and thought it was the stomach flu. I went to a football game anyway and the most gorgeous hunk informed me that I was having my first hangover. He also told me that the only remedy was to drink something alcoholic and shared some whiskey from his boda bag with me. It worked like a charm! The best part was I ended up dating that hottie for the next year after that!!

    But I've never been a big drinker since that event and don't recommend that tradition of mixing 10 or more kinds of alcoholic if they were all cosmos on the other hand....!!
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    Re: Trick or Drink

    Must have been a looooong time ago that you went to UOP. They haven't had football in years. Heehee.

    When I was at UOP we got dressed up and got drunk in the dorms or at a fraternity house. One year we went to Cal State Stanislaus (spelling?) and got drunk. Woohoo for booze!

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