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    My First Geo Cache Experience

    Hi everyone!

    I am always so out of the loop when it comes to technology that I had never even heard of a GPS until last night.

    My friend Trekkie Dad and his friend Jeff who is now my new friend as well were visiting us and they had a GPS with them. Around 8 pm they explained to me what it was for and then we went online to find out if there were any caches hidden in my town. It turned out there were several and some were very close to my house. We entered the coordinates and clues for three of them and took off on our hunt at 9 pm.

    Our first stop was a park called Hocus Pocus. Jeff's GPS was very accurate so we found the general location right away. However , this cache was one of the micro types which are smaller than the tip of a pinkie so we had our work cut out for us finding it. We were looking above and underneath two metal boxes and running our hands and fingers all over them and Jeff yelled "I feel something rattling , I think I've got it!" I asked "What is it?" He suddenly yelled and dropped it and said "It's not it. This is a snail!" LOL I was laughing so hard I almost peed in my pants. But we were determined to find the real little sucker, so I laid down on my back and shone the flashlight over every inch of metal and finally found it! I was so excited that I did a happy dance. We opened it up and I signed my name on the miniscule piece of paper inside then we put it back in place.

    Our next location was Camp Evers which is a local fishing hole. Our clue was that "something was worse than its bite." We figured this one must be hidden on or near a tree since it had to do with bark. We were right! It was very clever how the person had hidden it. The piece of bark had velcro attaching it to the tree and underneath was a tiny Altoids box. There were some little trinklets inside. We let my daughter take a bracelt and sign her name since she was the first one to spot it. And she left a quarter in its place.

    The last location was a very strange one called Linear Park which is really just more of a path. Our hint was that we needed to go up an unlucky number of stairs and then go three feet to the right. Some people had also written that there were lots of branches, spiders and spider webs there. They weren't kidding! We looked all over this tree and couldn't find the cache at first but we did find lots of creepy looking spiders. I finally saw an opening at the base of the tree and I was scared to stick my hand in it , but I did. And there inside was a long film canister with a pen, paper and some trinkets. I signed my name again and we left a dime.

    All in all, I was pretty proud of pur group because we worked well together and we were able to find all three caches in less than an hour. If I go do this again , next time I am going to take better trinkets.

    This was so much fun!! It brought back that feeling of playing hide and go seek and kick the can in the dark when I was kid....and crawling around in bushes and dirt with bugs...I am not that squeamish. (Although I'm glad it wasn't me that grabbed the snail...LOL) I think I have definitely found a new hobby. I think it would be fun to creat some new hiding spots with caches too.

    Who else is into this hobby? I'd love to hear about some of your experiences.

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    Re: My First Geo Cache Experience

    What a fun experience Wilema!!

    I have heard people talking about Geocaching before but I have never tried it. I did find THIS WEBSITE that has a lot of good information.

    It wasn't me, it was Lisa!

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    Re: My First Geo Cache Experience

    My husband told me about this and we want to try it. We borrowed my f-i-l's GPS device, but have yet to have the time to figure out how to use it, so this is a dream still left unfulfilled. Someday we will do it though. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: My First Geo Cache Experience

    I've wanted to do one of these forever!!!
    Yours sounds like so much fun.
    Except for the spiders part.
    Good morning, son
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    Re: My First Geo Cache Experience

    wow how cool is that! I would love to do this, but the GPs is real expensive right? well now you got me so interested!

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