Is it just me or does anyone else think that pirates are interesting to learn about? I know that they still exist in other continents and according to the RIAA, There are "Internet Pirates". But I LOVe to learn about their traditions and beliefs. When POTC Curse of the Black Pearl had some bonus material about the pirates subject, It was very interesting to see all the urban legends about pirates debunked and what they were really like. I found the story about Blackbeard to be interesting. I also found the female pirates to be interesting as well. I liked their tradition of embedding a coin into the floor. There is so much more that I find interesting about pirates. Does anyone feel the same way? Perhaps do you have any thing to say about stuff you find interesting that deal with pirates? I am a big Pirate freak and I love to draw a lot of my characters in pirate costumes. What do you guys find fascinating about pirates (not that they were good people, but still)?