Hi Everyone!

Currently Tropicana and Cool Earth are joining together to help save the rainforest.

The way it works is every bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice has a code on it. You insert the code at the website below and you save 100 square feet of Rainforest.

Currently we have already saved millions of square feet of Rainforest in Peru, one of the most endangered.

Which brings me to my major idea:
Let's have Micechat create its own user for the Rainforest program (Dusty, can you help out with this?) , so everyone on these boards can insert the codes they get should they buy the orange juice so we can save the rainforest in the name of Micechat.com

It doesn't matter if you believe in global warming or not, its about saving ecosystems and amazing creatures who haven't even been discovered yet.


What do you all think?