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    Digital pics turned into oil paintings - ever had it done?

    I've been wondering what to get my wife for my birthday, which is June 10. Then I heard a commercial for a website where artists take your digital pics you send, and turn them into oil paintings (commercial I heard is for

    She has favorite pics of our old dog Shuggie, who passed away three years ago, and our current dog Angel.

    I'm thinking of sending in just the Shuggie pic, but might send both to see if they can do some sort of composite.

    I just wanted to know if anyone here has had this done, or even knows of people here in SoCal that will do it for the public.

    I think Kat will really appreciate this kind of gift, if it works out.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: Digital pics turned into oil paintings - ever had it done?

    Barry---I sent you a PM with the name of a MiceChatter who specializes in painting beautiful animal portraits. I hope that helps.

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    Re: Digital pics turned into oil paintings - ever had it done?

    if you want to done it on your own.. you can make it on photoshop.. just type in google.. cool photoshop photo effects...
    just do what you think...

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    Re: Digital pics turned into oil paintings - ever had it done?

    I've never had this done, but my sister-in-law does this type of work. She is an artist who lives near Lake Arrowhead, but she comes down this way quite often to sell her artwork in Huntington Beach. PM me a picture and I'll find out if she can get it done and how much she'll charge.

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