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    Things I have learned from watching the news about Hurricane Katrina on TV...

    Things I have learned from watching the news about Hurricane Katrina on TV...

    1. The hurricane only hit black family's property.

    2. New Orleans was devastated and no other city was affected by the hurricane.

    3. Mississippi is reported to have a tree blown down.

    4. New Orleans has no white people.

    5. The hurricane blew a limb off a tree in the yard of an Alabama resident.

    6. When you are hungry after a hurricane steal a big screen TV.

    7. The hurricane did 23 billion dollars in improvements to New Orleans: now the city is welfare, looters and gang free and they are in your city.

    8. White folks don't make good news stories.

    9. Don't give thanks to the thousands that came to help rescue you, instead bitch because the government hasn't given you a debit card yet.

    10. Only black family members got separated in the hurricane rescue efforts.

    11. Ignore warnings to evacuate and someone will come get you and give you money for being stupid.

    12. Damn, I feel so sorry for all those black folks.

    13. Oh and it is all George Bush's fault.
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    Re: Things I have learned from watching the news about Hurricane Katrina on TV...

    You forgot one more: Rebuilding New Orleans will be the biggest reconstrution project the world has ever seen... (forget about WW2 London, or Atlanta burning to the ground, or the 1900 hurricane that killed over 2000 and distroyed the city of Galviston, or the San Fransico Earthquake or the....)

    as far as race goes, this is a direct quote from the news last night (remember, this is Utah)

    "Utah needs more diversity. That is what Hurricane Katrina Survivors are saying about their new home. For many of the evacuees this is the first time they are sending their kids to schools with white students."

    Make sense of that it you can.
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