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    $10,000 to Twitter about wine?

    $10,000 to Twitter about wine? It's a 'Really Goode Job'

    Applicant No. 678, or Richard Standifer of Miami Beach, hopes to score extra points by drinking wine from a Vikings helmet. (Murphy-Goode's David Ready is from Minnesota, home of the NFL's Vikings.)

    Are you a "people person"?
    How about an "excellent communicator"?

    Do resume-wrecking cliches like those make your thumbs twitter with excitement? If so, you may be just what California's Murphy-Goode Winery is looking for.

    $10,000 to Twitter about wine? It's a 'Really Goode Job' - Los Angeles Times

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    Re: $10,000 to Twitter about wine?

    As I read about it I thought, "I could so do this!". If I only had a video camera, a computer that would let me download stuff on to the hard drive, and some social networking skills, I'd nail that job!
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