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    The perfect gift

    Ever come across something and think, "This would be the perfect gift for _______"?

    I found this. It would be the perfect gift for my mother for Christmas. (Here's hoping it's still that price when I have the money to afford even that much)

    Have you found the perfect gift for someone lately?

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    Re: The perfect gift

    My youngest daughter has always wanted a little sister. I was at the grocery store and found her one. LOL I had to talk the sales clerk into selling her to me because his display doesn't look nearly as nice now. He only charged me $12.99 for her...I thought that was quite a steal.

    Picture to come! LOL she is:

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    Re: The perfect gift

    Very cute Buttercup!!

    I do that all the time.. but now's the season to start buying the "perfect" gifts. I try year round - I have a box where I keep my gifts.

    Though my mom might like that Oprah thing... Hmmm.
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    Re: The perfect gift

    I am giving one that I'm pretty excited about.
    We have friends with little kids that loved the book and movie Polar Express. In Lewistown MT, they have a private railway that does Polar Express trips on Saturday afternoon in the winter. They read the book and have cocoa and cookies and all the other trimmings including a visit from Santa.
    We're giving that to the parents and 2 of the boys and offering to babysit the baby - I think they'll love it!

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