So I got a facebook invite today from a former theatre associate... It's for a benefit performance by Impro Theatre, and sounds just wonderful. I know we have many So Cal area MiceChatters who might enjoy this, so I thought I'd share!

"A Very Civilized Afternoon with Jane Austen"

From the Facebook Event page:
Details: Doors open at 2:00pm to classical piano, cocktails and silent auction, followed by a performance of Jane Austen UnScripted at 2:30pm. Post show reception is a traditional English high tea featuring fresh organic sweets and savories. Parking is provided. Festive door prizes will be awarded to those dressed in Regency era costume.
Tickets are $50. I wish I could go (I'd even whip up a costume for it), but it's a little pricey for me and I doubt I'll be able to convince anyone to go with me because of that. Here is the event page on Impro Theatre's website.

But the company, Impro Theatre, is quite good! They do a lot of long-form improvisation (meaning they make up a FULL play for you on the spot), and do it in many difficult styles like Shakespeare Unscripted and Sondheim Unscripted. I've been wanting to get up to LA to see a performance for ages, but everytime they have the discount tickets I can't go!

The venue for this is the spectacular looking Marrakesh House in Culver City. It's owned by Chris Paine, the director of the documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car?" It's a very sustainable home, that was remodelled from a basic midcentury house. It's beautifully decorated in a Morrocan theme! One of the highlights of going to this would be just seeing the house.