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    Quite Amused!!!!

    What a Wonderful day it is!
    So todays debate is about a few things....
    A few things are being discussed today and I'd like all your opinions about them!
    • Most Disney Movies the mothers are dead and/or no mother is ever mentioned...Question that has been opposed was Walt hates woman. NOT TRUE!!! Pppffff
    • It has been said some Disney Movies have inappropriate scenes? I have been told about the buzzing bee in Aladdin, The Little Mermaid-The Priest, and The Lion King!....Question...Has Disney ever commented about those? Are they in every Disney movie?
    • Some Disney attractions in Fantasyland are "too" scary for the children?
    • Why didnt Mickey ever marry Minnie?...
    Random questions and thoughts. Its quite interesting to see what you all may have to say. I become fairely amused here when my friends start to have debates about these kinds of things, as if I am going to change my mind and boycott Disney... YEAH RIGHT!

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    Re: Quite Amused!!!!

    Looking for the truth about giraffes?

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