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    Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    Check out these videos quite amazing to see how the fires change from something small to crazy

    [ame=]YouTube - California Inferno Timelapse. Sunset to night. Station Fire at La Canada.[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - Station Fire Time Lapse Sunset 8/29/09[/ame]
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    Re: Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    Wow. I feel for everybody having to experince that. Over here in Tucson we have a mountain fire once a year it seems so i know what hell it is. Hopefully it will come to an end really soon.

    Thanks for the vid flynn
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    Re: Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    Wow... that's so scary.

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    Re: Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    Great footage ... I love time lapse stuff. You really see how quickly the fire grew.

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    Re: Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    I recall the first day the fire started, and as I started my drive back home seeing the red embers on the mountains ... then a few days later that huge cloud. I really commend all the people involved in getting this fire put out, and really hope that they put a stop to it as soon as possible.

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    Re: Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    I saw that our Hawaii Mars from my hometown of Port Alberni is being put to good use:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Martin Mars Flying Boat - High Definition[/ame]

    One of the pilots that is flying it down there is a good friend of my dad's. And the guy that owns Flying Tankers (the company that owns both Martin Mars waterbombers) lives just down the road from my parent's place.

    The sister Mars to the Hawaii, the Philippine, is going to be used in the new A-Team movie. Right now it's back home at Sproat Lake getting worked on, preparing it for the movie shoot.

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    Re: Amazing Time Lapse Videos of LA Station Fire

    Quote Originally Posted by flynnibus View Post
    Check out these videos
    Thanks, cool links.

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