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    Disney saving rainforests?

    Note: I assume that all disney stores are owned by disney in your local mall. I mean unless its franchised which im not sure it is or something else.

    Yesterday i went to the mall in Tucson and bought a CD for my trip comming up (excitted! ) the volume 1 CD if your curious. So i went to pay for the purchase and noticed that they had an assorment of bags that were halloween style, one that was "green" style, and a couple other disney themed bags. They werent made of fancy material or anything. The cashier then asked if i would like to purchase a bag for only 2.50! and the profits would go to planting trees in the rainforest!!! What!

    However what was weird is that she said "my company is going to use the procceeds to plant trees in the rainforest" not sayin disney is going to.

    I dont know but from the looks of if i guess disney is trying to do their best to conserve the rainforest. Thought that this is really cool and something that when people complian about disney dont understand how much they really do.

    Oh and if your curious i bought the halloween bag for my daughters first halloween! Of course dad will be collecting and eating the candy !
    "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known."-Walt Disney

    Hope I was helpful!

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    Re: Disney saving rainforests?

    I believe they sell similar bags inside Disneyland too...

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    Re: Disney saving rainforests?

    Aren't they also planting trees when you buy DisneyNature earth on DVD or Blu-Ray?

    I think on Disney Movie Rewards, you can donate points to plant trees.

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