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    999 Posts on 9/9/09!

    Today I'm celebrating 999 posts! One more to a star... I guess it is actually really good timing on my part! Over my course of a year and a half here at MiceChat, I've grown more addicted to MC, learned more about Disneyland than I ever could have known from fan-fiction, and met a lot of really great people! Thanks to Monorail Man, Dustysage, Pengy, and all the other awesome moderators who have made MiceChat what it is today.

    Thanks everyone, for the great memories and posts I've read!

    /yagt (Yet another grand thanks? idk...)

    EDIT: I will reply to posters here, because if I write a new post, I obviously will not have 999 posts anymore...

    Thanks Barbara! Hopefully I can eventually get as many posts as you someday!

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    Re: 999 Posts on 9/9/09!

    Now that's definitely cool. I remember my first diamond. Yes, back when I posted my 1,000th post. I received a diamond.

    May 11 - 16, 2015

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    Re: 999 Posts on 9/9/09!

    Congratulations. Maybe I can get to 1010 on 10/10/10? hahaha.

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    Re: 999 Posts on 9/9/09!

    Congrats on your first star!!!! Welcome to the club
    Press today is so concerned with cool vs. not cool that they're starting to forget good vs. bad. I'm not sure I'll ever be "cool", but I will always tirelessly strive to be "great". - Josh Groban

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