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    How Will You Celebrate? err... Contribute?

    With the next year quickly approaching, and a new marketing campaign sweeping the Disneyland Resort, I'd like to know how will you Celebrate Contribute?

    Word has it, that Disney will continue to give out "free" tickets next year, but only if you contribute a certain amount of hours to your local community by volunteering, so let's all bring our heads together and jump start this celebration.. err.. contributions!

    Do you currently active in volunteer work with your community? What do you do?

    What events are available in your community that you could volunteer with?

    What types of contributions do you hope that you can achieve, and would provide Disney magic to the people in both your community, and elsewhere?

    Though Disney will likely have strict guidelines as to what work you can do, and with what organizations, let's hear how you hope to obtain your free ticket for next year!

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    Re: How Will You Celebrate? err... Contribute?

    I really like the idea for the new campaign. I currently volunteer with animal rescues for adoptions and fundraising. I would like to see opportunities to work at soup kitchens, and community beautification projects.

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    Re: How Will You Celebrate? err... Contribute?

    I think this is a great idea. I don't know if this will fall under their guidelines but as a cancer survivor I do the Revlon Run Walk for Women's Cancers as a team leader and I also participated in Relay For Life in Bellflower.

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    Re: How Will You Celebrate? err... Contribute?

    L.A. Works is a great site to find volunteer opportunities in the Los Angeles area. I used to be more active in volunteering at our local food bank and reading at elementary schools. This site has something for most anybody interested in contributing to their community.

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