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    Tornament of Roses Parade Advice

    Help! I'm planing on going this year to the tournament of roses parade and don't know the first thing to do. All i know is that I don't want to camp out the night before but I am willing to drive down there at 4 am. Any advice for a guy taking young kids to this?
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    Re: Tornament of Roses Parade Advice

    I have never done the camp out or ticket purchasing for the parade itself, but I have relatives who have. They say it's worth it if you can manage the crowds. Some advice they did give to me is to go toward the end of the parade. It won't be as crowded as to the rest of Colorado Blvd.

    If you're unable to do that and don't mind missing the bands, you can always go to the parade viewing (which I've done every year since 2001). I think it's very worth it as you get close and personal to the floats, have your pictures taken with them, and if you go on the last day and are lucky, you can get a rose from a float. Last year I got one from the HUGE Honda ASIMO Anniversary float.

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    Re: Tornament of Roses Parade Advice

    You may have to spend the night to get a good spot. I use to volunteer to decorate the floats. One year we spent the night down there to guard the floats. (People like to pull the flowers off.) So, on the plus side you may be able to walk around and see the floats pre-parade. It is very crowded.

    Staying the night wasn't that bad. It was like a huge party. It was way to cold to sleep though. As soon as the float moved into position we went home.

    If I wanted to see the parade I would just purchase tickets for the grand stands.

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    Re: Tornament of Roses Parade Advice

    There's a whole bunch of parking garages and lots along either side of Colorado Blvd that open early, like 2am. Last year I went there after spending new-year's at Disneyland, got there around 3:30 and took a nap for a while till 6am or so. The lots all charged a flat rate of $15. With kids this might be tough (bathrooms and such), but you could make an in-the-car sleepover out of it. You'll want to get to the route a couple hours early if you want a standing spot, but again, may not work so well with the kids. I also think going toward the end of the route might be your best bet.

    Afterwards, expect traffic to be extremely bad in that whole part of town for a couple hours or so. If you can keep occupied for a while after the parade, you'll save a lot of time and cut down on being stuck in the car going nowhere.


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    Re: Tornament of Roses Parade Advice

    I had a friend that went last year around 4am and got a good spot. I'd like to go but I won't be a happy camper without any sleep.

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    Re: Tornament of Roses Parade Advice

    I've only ever been to the Tournament of Roses Parade once. I camped out on the street all night to see the parade. It was awesome. The floats smelled soooo good. The only bad thing was when I got separated from my friends by mistake and ended up walking five miles back to their house in San Marino.

    I won't be down there this year, but I hope all of you who are have a great time!

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