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    Disneyland and The Price is Right

    Watching TPIR this morning, and one person got to play the "Switch?" game. The two prizes, first was Maid Service, the second was a trip to Disneyland...

    The Photos they used...

    First was a Mark V Monorail with the Disneyland Hotel in the background, including the sign on the roof.

    Then they showed the 'small world' facade, with the 50th logo on the face of the doors for the clock.....

    Talk about needing to update your photos...

    And ironically, they had a new model. The contestant said "Switch", and instead of the model taking the price to the other side of the stage, she revealed the price. And since the prices were in the proper place originally, the contestant should have lost. But since the Model screwed up, they gave her both prizes anyways! (Good for TPIR!)
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    Re: Disneyland and The Price is Right

    at least the contestant had a good time. LOL

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    Re: Disneyland and The Price is Right

    Someone's getting fired

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