Yesterday the photopass website was down for a while. When I did get in I could only get in from my desktop computer and not my laptop even when I turned my laptop off and back on (in fact after I went to sleep I not only turned my laptop off but took the battery out and hours later when I put my battery back in and turned my laptop on I still could not get into the website). I have a wireless router so my laptop has the same high speed comcast internet connection that my desktop has.

Also I had like 854 or so photos on one card and about 353 or so photos on another card. Never once did I have a cast member put all of the photos on both cards. Well at first when I had both cards in I had about 1,200 or so photos. But after the website went down for a while and when I got back in from my desktop computer I noticed that I had over 2,000 photos because most of them are now duplicate photos and this might slow my account way down. When I say duplicate photos I don't mean photos that I made edits and borders to. For some reason most of my photos just got a duplicate photo and I don't know why that happend?

Another thing is before the website went down I had made some edits and borders to some of my photos and when the website came back up I noticed that all of my borders and edits are now gone. I found out that other people are also missing their edits and borders that they made on their photos so I am not the only one who had this happen.

I am very curious what is going on with the photopass website? I believe that they have had a lot of phone calls and emails because like I said I am not the only one who had this happen.