Ever think Micechat should look a little different? Here is your chance to get your vision known. Just go to Micechat's home page and click the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. Then go to your favorite image editor (photoshop/gimp/mspaint/etc) and press paste. Then just apply your favorite filter (or if you are artistic, you can decorate it yourself). Upload the image to Imageshack and place a link to the image here. Perhaps some of these will inspire the MC admins to make a new theme based on your design.


1) Go to http://www.imageshack.us
2) Browse for the photo you wish to upload.
3) Press "host it!"
4) The resulting page will give you a list of links. The one you need is called "Direct Link to Image" (it is usually the last link).
5) In your post, make a link to that image (don't post the actual image as it may be very large)
This is just one method, I'm sure there are many other hosting sites.

Here are mine...
Micechat Highlights
Turn the Page on Micechat
Tubular Micechat
Have a Ball with Micechat
Photocopy Micechat
You got a little something on your Micechat
Micechat Riddle
Micechat around the World