I won Kevin Yee's Pixel Pursuit! Woohoo!!!


Here's a bit of prose I sent with my entry:

Creepies and crawlies, Leota would say;
Are more lovely than flowers on cloudy fall days.
Let others send flora, their idyllic scenes;
My Pixel Pursuitís perfect for this Halloween.

The Jungle Lordís tree house is really quite charming;
But at the end of the rope bridge is something alarming.
In between branches near the Tarzan babe sleeping;
Is an 8-legged creature thatís silently creeping.

Close up you can see his fearsome dark face;
Then take a step back, he gets hidden in lace.
Some pay him no notice, donít see where he lies;
But he does give a start to astute passersby.

It took over five years for me to return;
To Waltís Magic Kingdom, a place of which I yearn.
Now send me a message, itís time to respond;
Itís Kevin Yeeís favor I seek from beyond.

What a great way to start the day!