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    Peoplemover Cd Set

    A while back I purchased a cd set, from, of the Peoplemover. It also included tracks from the Magic Skyway attraction from the World's Fair, where Walt narrates the attraction. But, what was cool about this, there are tracks that are bloopers by Walt as he practices his narration for the attraction. It is hillarious to listen too. I highly recommend getting this cd set, especially for all you Walt fans out there.

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    Re: Peoplemover Cd Set

    They also have a DVD for the People Mover. The fanmade documentary is about 50 min and covers Ford's Magic Skyway, the People Mover, explains the LIMs for the TTA, and also covers Rocket Rods. The bonuses include a full ride through on the People Mover, TTA, Rocket Rods (includes queue footage), and a few other bonuses.

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