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    Question Hyper Workout Tunes

    Anyone have suggestions for songs I can download to my iPod while I workout?

    I'm looking for fun energetic music.

    I need to add new stuff to the mix. My Gym Playlist is getting old.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Hyper Workout Tunes

    My new favorite, which is a really old song, is "I Like To Move It." It was in Madagascar and after seeing it, I downloaded the song for my daughters. Somehow it ended up on my MP3 player and it's really great while running! Very upbeat tempo and lyrics and there is even the line where he's saying, "Physically fit, physically, physically, physically fit." It might just be me since I always grin thinking of how my 2 year old sings with me but only shouts out the "Move It!" part after I say, "You like to?"

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    Re: Hyper Workout Tunes

    For a second I thought you were talking about me! LOL

    Not exactly for a workout, but for pre-workout stretching, that song "Ride the White Pony" is great!!!

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    Re: Hyper Workout Tunes

    "Big Time" from the soundtrack of our lives is pretty good and it gets me hyped up. Perhaps you would like it too

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    Re: Hyper Workout Tunes

    I did a quick search at the iTunes Music Store. Go to the iMix section and do a search on "workout". There are 105 iMixes in that search. You might be able to pull certain songs out of each of the mixes.

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