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Thread: Disney Tattoos!

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    Disney Tattoos!

    Okay guys, time to show your tats! Who has gotten tattoos of Disney characters? I know I can't be the only one!

    Here's a picture of the tattoo on my right ankle:

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    Share your pics!

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    Re: Disney Tattoos!

    I am going to have to take my pics. I have sorcerer mickey on my lower hip on the back and tinkerbelle on my left thigh.
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    Re: Disney Tattoos!

    I have sorcerer mickey on my right calf. He's a lot bigger than I wanted but oh well. I'll take a picture after I shave my legs, right now Mickey has some stubble.

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    Re: Disney Tattoos!

    I want a disney tattoo, I just dont know what to get

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    Re: Disney Tattoos!

    Very cute, Hyper!
    If my first tot goes well, i'll get a Disney tat.
    But that will be in years!!
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