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    Changes to my Lair

    Here is a link to photobucket with new pictures of the Harry Potter section of the Lost Boy Lair. here you will see the Lego Hogwarts Castle that was given to me on retirement (they really knew me at work), the Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort wands from Noble and other new things. The Sorting Hat now sits on a wooden stool and on top of the diorama I made of Hogwarts, sits a Marauder's Map unfolding. Also is a Harry Potter-Oply game I made from a Make Your Own Oply kit. All the properties have pictures and the board is in two areas, Diagon Alley and Hogsmead properties. The Ministry of Magic and The Hogwarts Express are the two utilities you get in this version of the game. I have the Start Square at #4 Privet Drive, The Free Space at The Burrow and the Jail square is, of course, Azkaban Prison. I apologize that some of the close-ups of the board square, but the camera was on close up and hand held. But I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.
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    Re: Changes to my Lair

    Very cool!
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