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    Tell us about New Hampshire

    The state of New Hampshire is nicknamed The Granite State. This state ranks 44th in land area and 41st in population. About 1.3 million people live in New Hampshire. The largest city is Manchester, and the capital is Concord. The distance between Disneyland and New Hampshire is about 3000 miles. I am guessing folks, the cities of that state were not on my chart.

    Do you live in New Hampshire? Have you ever visited there? Do you have any interesting facts or stories about this state?

    Tell us about New Hampshire.

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    Re: Tell us about New Hampshire

    I think there are at least 2 snowmobiles to every car in New Hamshire.

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    Re: Tell us about New Hampshire

    Had friends that lived in Nashua, NH. They loved it but now reside in North Carolina. My husband helped them move and said that it was a very nice place to visit.

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    Re: Tell us about New Hampshire

    A friend of my dad's got divorced and he and his daughter moved to New Hampshire. They built a house on a new road and got to name the road (He named it after his daughter). He sends up pics of the crazy snow but they love it!!
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