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    Tell Us About New York

    The state of New York is nicknamed The Empire State. Population is about 19.2 million People. The capital is Albany and the largest city is New York City. This state ranks 3rd in population and 30th in land area. The distance between Disneyland and New York City is about 2800 miles.

    Have you ever been to the state of New York? Do you live there? Perhaps you have friends or relatives there.

    What interesting stories or facts, can you pass along about this state?

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    Re: Tell Us About New York

    I've learned to never assume that a person that is from NY is from NYC.

    Myself...I've only been to the city, not upstate. I enjoy going to see the shows on Broadway.
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    Re: Tell Us About New York

    I loved NY. It's the best city ever. I never wanted to leave. I had the upscale version of it though. Staying on central aprk south and having all my transportation paid for, but tit was great! I loved coming back and being greeted by the doorman opening the car door and taking the packages while greeting me by name. I got so spoiled. I never wanted to leave. We went upstate as well. It was very pretty, but I loved the city so much more. I couldn't wait to get back to manhatten.

    One of the cool things that happened on my trip is I learned about car services. You don't have to wait for subways, taxis or buses. You can call a car service to pick you up. It was so cool. Thsi service also took me back to the airport. I was sad to leave.

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    Re: Tell Us About New York

    Quote Originally Posted by MandaBella
    I've learned to never assume that a person that is from NY is from NYC.
    THANK YOU! This irks me sooooooo much!

    Are there no NY people here? I grew up in NY state - from when I was 4 until I was in my third year of college. Moved away for my Kindergarten year, but otherwise... lived in the same house from 2nd grade 'til college! I lived 90 miles north of NYC, along the Hudson.

    It's GORGEOUS there. It's green and lush and the river's majestic. There are the mountains - catskills (a 10 minute drive from my house) and aderondacks, which I misspelled!

    NYC is one of the bst cities in the U.S. It's fast paced and glittery and awesome.

    New York has been my favorite place to live. Take away the snow (but keep the fall!) and it'd be perfect.
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