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    Going to Maui in April 2012

    Hey everyone!

    We're fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Maui in April of 2012, but we need some help. We are looking for a travel agent here on the MC boards that can help us plan our trip.

    Specifically, we're a party of 3 traveling from Seattle to Maui. Two adults and a toddler.

    Thanks for your replies in advance! You can PM me if you like.

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    Re: Going to Maui in April 2012

    Sorry, not a travel agent. Hawaii is beautiful! We went there to Maui in 2009 and will be going back to Oahu July 2012 also. Each time we just checked out flights and hotels seperatly or looked for packaged deals. Hopefully others here can also share "best places to visit" or stay away from.
    I recommend the aquarium on Maui. Excellent !
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