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    Women We Love To Hate

    Here is a British website for women that trashes some of the more egomaniacal celebrities currently enjoying the limelight and overabundant wealth that comes with the fame. I was personally pleased to see that Princess Paltrow made the list.,00.html

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    Re: Women We Love To Hate

    I can't stand Britney Spears, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Hilary Clinton, Stephanie Mcmahon, and Micheal Jackson.

    Those are all the women I love to Hate

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    Re: Women We Love To Hate

    Why the English accent? It shows how contrived she is - the consummate wannabe morphing in and out of different personas driven by her desire to be anything other than an Italian-American girl from Ohio.
    Loved this about Madonna!

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    Re: Women We Love To Hate

    The whole thing about Naomi Campbell was hilarious

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    Re: Women We Love To Hate

    They forgot Britney Spears and Paris Hilton...

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